Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rainy day fun.

At this time of year where we live, we usually have snow.  Recently, we've had rain and record high temperatures. Due to the rain and resulting mud-pit of a backyard, outdoor play time is limited and with work, well, there could be some disgruntled dogs.  There are the usual toys and antlers to chew and of course the stuffed Kongs but in an effort to keep things interesting, I decided to see what they would do with a cardboard carton from some root beer.  

Forest immediately laid claim to it and decided that it should be destroyed.

Breeze joined in on the fun.

Breeze: "Let me help you rip that apart."
Then it was over.

Forest: "Now what are we gonna do?" about an empty water bottle? (Just in case you have a slightly warped sense of humor like I do - yes, a full bottle of water would be a whole lot more fun for them!)

Breeze: "Can I have that?"

"Perhaps I can intimidate you with my blind stare"

Later, Azule was looking out the front window for potential threats and Breeze wanted her attention. The video is dark but shows (I think) how smart blind Breeze is and how stubborn a deaf Australian Cattle Dog named Azule is.


There was also the usual group play.

And the Kong Wubba.

The weather is to return to normal with cold temperatures in the next few days so the mud will freeze and we'll be back outside to play.


  1. Love the video and photos. I can't even imagine having all those dogs inside on a rainy day. Ray drives me crazy when he's trapped indoors. Whiny and into things all day long. I'm like you, trying to find things to keep him occupied. It's like having a toddler in the house.

    1. The one advantage we have is that they will play together although sometimes they go off in pairs or small groups and then it's..."Hey where did they go? What are they doing upstairs?".

      I totally understand what you mean about it being like having a toddler in the house, I've often thought that too!

  2. WE loved the video. And we love your whole pack. And we admire you for caring so much.

    bert and my vickie

    1. Thanks Bert and Vickie! We all gotta do what we can for those that need us.

  3. It isn't easy to keep everybody occupied indoors. Hope the weather improves for you.


    1. Thanks Dexter! We're looking forward to the rain ending.

  4. Ripping things are awesome

    1. It is but you have to be sure it's not the newspaper that The Mom just brought in the house and hasn't read yet! Breeze knows all about that.

  5. I think Breeze looks like she could have some bull terrier in her!
    Sorry to hear she lost a buddy. It's always hard when things can't be explained but good you knew what was best.

  6. I agree with bull terrier, that's a possibility too!

    Breeze misses Oscar and is trying (without success) to play with Gerrard.

  7. You certainly find creative ways to keep your pups entertained when they are housebound! Love the video--Azule: "I will not budge." Breeze: "What are you doing up there? Can I play too? Huh? Huh? Huh?" :-)

    Susan and Wrigs