Friday, February 20, 2015


At our home, every effort is made to ensure all are treated equally and fairly. With a pack of dogs, it is important for them to share.

Molly seems to have taken the sharing idea a bit farther than others.

Arthur didn't seem to mind Molly sharing her Nylabone while he was napping.

Then, Arthur and Alice decided that the dogs should share the big dog bed.

Molly was initially a little confused but then decided that the bed was big enough for all three of them.

Trail wasn't as hesitant,as soon as Molly and Alice got up, he lay down and was asleep with barely a glance at Arthur who got a little squished but didn't seem bothered by it.

One more aspect of sharing has occurred in our barn.  

This cat showed up a couple of weeks ago and the three feral cats are sharing their accommodations and food with him.  He is extremely friendly, not a typical barn cat. Yes, he can stay.


  1. How sweet. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hmmmmmmmm, sharing a bed with a cat? Wouldn't happen here....we don't really know any cats personally. But as long as the dogs are comfortable, then maybe a furry hot water bottle would be okay.

    They do all look cute together.

  3. Great family! They're so sweet & cuddly:)

  4. I love the snuggling and sharing in your pack!

  5. So glad the new kitty in the barn can stay. You saved a life. Looks like a nice kitty too.

  6. Aww, too darn cute mates. We loved your photos. Welcome to the family barn cat. Do you have a name yet? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. OMG that is SO CUTE!!!! I adore the kitties and pups who love to share with each other. Not the situation in my house but someday, someday.....

  8. Okay, what is barn cat's name? I like him and I am glad he can stay!

    I love the sharing I see. Sometimes I think, if I weren't so allergic to cats, I'd totally take the plunge and get Blueberry a kitty playmate. I think she'd actually do pretty well with a cat that was dog-saavy. She met one once, Mango was his name, and he knew exactly what to do so she didn't chase him.

  9. Love the pics of the snuggle buddies! Congrats on the cute new barn cat - he must have read the signal that says you're a good place to go. :)