Thursday, April 09, 2015

Critter Watch

Our weather is finally getting better and the snow is melting at last.  Since the weather is improving we're able to get outside more and play.  While outside yesterday, the pack was suddenly barking and sounding very excited.  With five dogs outside in the yard, I knew something had their attention.

Yes, there they are, on the left side of the snow.  Two pigeons.  

Based on the frantic barking, you woulda thought we were being invaded or something.  Then they moved to the other side.

Trail was outside but didn't really care about pigeons.  Once they flew away, something else showed up.

One of the four feral barn cats put in an appearance.

So glad that we have the critter watch team here!

In case you are wondering, yes, they could jump that fence since there is so much snow.  Molly has done that twice but didn't really go anywhere.  She went up on the snowbanks and wandered around for a few minutes but came back when called.


  1. Oh my bird and cat TV how cool. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. SHE's thinkin' all that snow....MUD just around the corner......

    Great job. We keep all the birds out of our garden AND bark at the cats no matter where we see them!

  3. It's nice having watch dogs, you have a good crew!
    Maggie would have tried to jump the fence & catch the birds. :)

  4. Very exciting when a visitor shows up! We have a lot of wild visitors too in the spring, and the dogs go ballistic at all the deer, rabbits, foxes, cats, etc wandering around. And we live in the suburbs! Your kids look very happy to have a job to do.