Thursday, June 18, 2015

The view

Do you remember the view (actually lack of) that we had from the kitchen window over the winter?  The snow drift made it very difficult to see anything.

Trail and Arthur

Since the snow has melted, the view has improved.

Bill and Trail were focused on something.

Even Arthur wanted a closer look.

What was so interesting outside the kitchen window?

These critters.

Yes, that is our view from the kitchen window.  They aren't our cows and horses (behind the fence) but we all enjoy watching them.


  1. Glad the Nature TV is working again. We love to look out the window. What a great show.

  2. Oh, Rita would enjoy watching those as well! (She watches our TV when their are animals on, and I sometimes wonder if she thinks it's just a big window.)

  3. Oh I'll bet those cattle dogs were eager to get to work! Wonder what Arthur would do if given a chance?