Thursday, September 08, 2016

Treats From Hiker

The other day blind Hiker went for acupuncture again.  We are going every three to four months and having fantastic results.  Our appointments have been first thing in the morning and Hiker is encouraged by the staff to visit and wander around the clinic before other clients arrive.  This seems to help her settle before her treatment.

During her wandering, she was given a rawhide chew which she didn't bother to eat since the freeze dried liver treats were also available.  When we left, the receptionist gave me Hiker's treat to take home.  I said no thanks since it would likely cause problems having only one treat.  I was surprised but pleased when she offered one for everybody! (good sales tactic too, since they really enjoyed them I will buy a bag)

Bill took his onto the bed

blind Brook on the chair and deaf Trail

Hiker (of course) in her crate

Callie in the comfort and seclusion of her crate

A happy pack, thanks to Hiker's acupuncture appointment.


  1. We just had our oldest collie at the vet for a cleaning and extraction of 3 teeth. While she was under, they also gave her acupuncture. Not sure if it helped though. (She's on pain meds from the extractions.)

  2. Treats for everyone! That's a great outcome.

  3. Nice doctor's office! Hope the acupuncture is helping.