Friday, March 03, 2017

Keeping Brook Dry

Our blind and mostly deaf girl Brook has a little problem.  We know you won't judge so we'll share it with you.  

Brook pees the bed.  Well, actually her crate. 

It seems that she cannot go longer than three or four hours without having to pee.  This means that we are up and outside twice a night, every night. (The acdMom feels like there is a newborn baby in the house with all this interrupted sleep)  Brook will whine as an indicator that she needs out.

During the days when Brook has to be crated due to work she has layers of newspaper on the bottom of her crate then a homemade pee pad.  A Google search for homemade diapers gave the idea of using polar fleece and an inside layer (or two) of towel.  The "puppy training pads" that can be bought are not an option due to the fact that Brook likes to fuss up her bedding and would shred them.

During a recent trip to town and a thrift store for more supplies I found this: 

It made us think of our blog friends Bella, Dui and Roxy also known as Downunder Daisy at    

I don't think that we'll use it for a pee pad, we'll just use it for regular bedding instead.


  1. As my Josey aged, she started having this issue; putting her on Proin stopped it for a long time. 1/2 to one tablet a day worked for her. Of course, it depends on what is causing the issue, but it helps with bladder control. And it's not terribly expensive...

  2. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! It's okay Brook, Cobi pees sometimes too. She can't help it. Although she now has medicine that helps. It's pawesome that you live with people who love you that much to get up in the night to take you out!

  3. We're happy we aren't going to be a pee-pad...bwahaahaa! At least she warns you that she has to go out! After her traumatic beginnings, we think it is probably understandable.

  4. Fleece sounds like a good idea to me - I used it for my guinea pig Cocoa for a year or so and I wish I'd tried it from the beginning. I thought it would be messy but in fact it was much cleaner than anything else due to the fleece wicking liquids beneath the surface. I will never keep a piggie on anything else again, and hope it works well for you guys too!

    P.S. Super impressed with the trenches you've dug, acdMom!