Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Mischief

You are probably very familiar with the advice of not making a big thing out of coming or going so that your dog(s) don't mind if you leave and likely won't have any separation anxiety issues.  

Well, I discovered quite quickly after adopting Trail that he is one of those exceptions to that rule.  He needs to be snuggled and fussed over for a minute before being left alone (with the other dogs) in the house.

One day last week, in his excitement to get on the couch in the kitchen before I left, he spilled the big water dish.  I quickly mopped it up, gave him a quick pat on the head and left.

I came home to a bit of a mess. 

Trail chewed up a block of note paper and a pen.

Maybe he was trying to leave a note to say Sorry I spilled the water dish and almost made you late for work.

Oh well, no harm done and now I know what the leaving procedure must be, even if I am a minute or two late leaving.


  1. I always know when ghostwriter is going to work because she puts on her white pants. I usually give her the cold shoulder then. I know she won't be back for at least 8 hours.

  2. Getting a pat after making a water mess....maybe he thought a paper mess was worth a pat, too. Being retired, SHE has to sneak out! The dogs know then they are being left. However, just accept it.

  3. Or maybe he was trying to make you a little origami swan or some such - a little "sorry I almost made you late" gift. (He's SO cute!)

  4. I always love hearing about the 'messages' your dogs leave you - I remember one a couple of years ago about going on a trip! (Sorry about the mess though - just love your creativity!)

    I only recently heard about dogs who sulk and slink away when people leave because they don't like them leaving. I've definitely only experienced the whine-and-fuss type.

  5. Trail, we think you were just trying to write a sorry letter to mom "wink wink". That face of yours just says it's sorry all over it. Thanks for the share. Have a great weekend.
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