Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tasty Tuesday!

Even though Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us, or maybe because of that, time to do some more baking!  (Note to the pack...I said baking, bakin' not bacon as we've talked about before).

Since I had some time while waiting for the bread to rise, I decided to make some treats.  There was no recipe for these, they were just thrown together based on previous recipes.  

I used whole wheat four, unsweetened applesauce, rolled oats and the ever popular peanut butter.  These treats crisped up nicely and tasted yummy.  That yummy review was provided by both the four leggers and two legger. Really though, just about anything is good if there is peanut butter in/on it!

Here are some of the reviewers:

deaf Azule, blind Hiker and blind Brook

Azule looks a bit frantic at the chance of getting a treat or so I thought.

It must just be the camera angle that shows the white at the top of their eyes.  Does give them a bit of a wild look though, doesn't it?

Hiker, calm as always.

Not to worry, everyone got a couple of treats!  That's the thing about a pack, it's almost impossible to give something to just one.  If they can't hear the treats, they see them, if they can't see them, they hear them, if they can't see them or hear them, those noses never, ever fail them, especially when there is peanut butter!

We're happy to be a part of Sugar's blog hop! 

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  1. Anonymous10/30/2012

    OMD, that looks just delicious!!!!!! Send some my way!

  2. The nose knows! Lucky doggers!