Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Don't eat it!"

Yesterday, Hiker found something in the dirt at the side of the barn.

She isn't a dirt eater (Bill is) so I knew that there must be something in the dirt, especially once she started wagging her tail and pawing at the dirt.

In case you can't see it in the above photo, this is what she discovered -

Hiker was excited and seemed to think that this little critter which kept hopping around would be fun to play with and then she tried to grab it with her mouth. Nope, not a good idea, I quickly told her,  "Hiker, no! Don't eat it!"  (unlike somebody in blogville... http://scotsmad.blogspot.ca/2014/07/grasshopper.htm)

This little critter was safely relocated and apparently wasn't too traumatized since we've seen it twice since the day that Hiker almost ate it.


  1. A toad....well camouflaged, too. Well done, Hiker. It's too cold for us to find frogs now. But I imagine SHE'll be rescuing some in Spring.

  2. How cool! I love frogs. (Although I don't even know if I've ever really seen any in person!) I'm glad it escaped unscathed! Clever Hiker though.

  3. Nothing wrong with her sense of smell! And what a good girl for listenting to you!

  4. That's cool! I'd love to see my dogs' reactions to a frog. I think there'd be a lot of head tilting:)

  5. Anonymous7/15/2014

    Poor toad did not learn its lesson! Maybe it at least won't come all the way back into the yard?

  6. Yikes! I cringe whenever I see Blueberry that focused. It usually means she's found an insect and I always run inside the screened in porch and hope she follows me WITHOUT the bug in her mouth. We have yet to find a toad in the back yard yet. That's a good thing though!

  7. Our dogs used to love to hunt toads at dusk when we lived in Texas. They'd play with them and come in foaming at the mouth. We kind of thought it was funny until I found out that toads can be poisonous and kill dogs! Now I'm a little paranoid about them :(