Friday, July 04, 2014

Out and about with Callie

Our last few posts have been all about Trail and how well he is fitting in with the pack.  We don't want you thinking that Callie has been forgotten!

We are now experiencing summer weather with temperatures around 26C/80F and that is on the verge of being too hot for our cold loving girl Callie. However, she has been getting out and about in the forest on our land.

Callie loves to be the center of attention on wanders through the wilderness and on the way back home we stopped at the creek for a few tosses of a stick to cool off. Yes, we cooled off since Callie loves to get really close before she shakes!

It is so nice (and yes, we know how lucky we are!) to have a good sized creek on our property. Sure, going to the beach is great, but sometimes just wandering through the fields to the creek for a swim is nice too.

 A few days ago the weather was cooler so we went to a local trail that we have been to many times and never ever seen anyone. Callie found water there too.


  1. I like to see a post about Callie. :) I'd like to learn more about her, since it seems to me if anyone is 'special', meaning different or needing a little extra care, in your pack it's her.

    My, I never realised what a big tail she has! She's an ACD too, right?

    And haha, I learnt that guinea pigs shake too - the hard way! (After a bath, pigs don't really swim). I've sinced bathed dogs so I've experienced that too, but somehow it never has as much impact as the guinea pig ones - perhaps because your face is always right up to the guinea pig!

  2. What a little water baby! SHE's amazed that we have to get out of the river and race to wherever SHE is before we shake! It's a dog thing.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. That's awesome! There is a creek that runs along our local trails. I love that I can go over there every day to hike and let them run and cool off easily. The beach is a bit of a trek for us but we love it there too:)