Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Mischief

When the weather is nice, there is no better place to dry laundry than outside.  Unless you have an inquisitive and boisterous black lab named Molly like we do. 

While hanging laundry yesterday, Molly grabbed a t-shirt out of the basket and ran. The freshly laundered and damp t-shirt was no longer clean.

Molly of course thought this was great fun. A new toy (in her opinion) and a game of chase with a human! She is learning the command "drop it" and with a little help opened her jaws and let it go. 

Trail watched the whole episode with interest and then checked on the condition of the shirt. 

No harm done, the shirt is, as I type this, in the washing machine again.


  1. OMD that was some fun with the laundry. My peeps would not be too pleased. Luckily she says we have a washing line so I can't get to the laundry. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We always hang our laundry outside. To date, NO pups have pulled it off the line, which cannot be said for our friends whose pups are ALWAYS enjoying the laundry.

  3. That sounds like something our Abby would have done! I need to set up a line somewhere here. Had one at our old house, but don't really have a spot to put one up here. Must figure that out!

  4. Clean laundry is made for mischief! Can't imagine anything much more fun for a dog.

  5. Oh wow - no one has stolen my laundry like that since Linus got adopted! That's funny - Molly seems like a lot of fun. How's the training progressing?