Saturday, January 31, 2015


As I mentioned previously, Brook has recovered from her eye surgery and is back to normal. Her normal is getting into the compost, the garbage and the cat food at every opportunity.  It is funny to watch her act so casual and stop and try to determine if anyone is around. She will tilt her head and listen (as best she can) and then continue. There have been times where I've yelled out, "I'm right here!" and watched her turn around ever so casually and walk the other way as if she wasn't planning to do anything.

Rather than close the door to the living room, it is easier to have an old baby gate in place. This allows the cats to come through and prevents the dogs from going upstairs to the litter box and cat food.  

Brook is especially fond of cat kibbles and tries her best to get through the gate. 

First, she stands and listens.

"Don't hear anything..."

Then when there is nobody telling her to leave it, time to try and squeeze through.

That opening didn't work, so she tries another.

That is as far as she has been able to get. I know that if she pushes, the old flimsy gate will break. Hopefully that won't happen. When we are all in the living room, none of the dogs bother going upstairs. It seems that the forbidden is most desirable.

(PS the light coloured area at the back of Brook's shoulder was shaved for the application of a pain patch following her surgery)


  1. Forbidden is ALWAYS the most desirable!

  2. We so agree with Bella. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What's with dogs and loving cat food? My dogs love the cat's food more than their own!

  4. Ahahaha!! Glad she's back to normal. :)

  5. Brook sounds like such a character! I am so glad that she's getting back to normal. Your story of her reaction to you saying "I'm right here" is really funny!!!

  6. Lol, silly girl! Kaya & Norman are good about leaving the cat food alone even though they can easily reach it on the table but Kaya makes sure to clean up any pieces that may find their way to the floor:)

  7. That is so adorable (and funny!). I love her determination!