Thursday, January 29, 2015

Got snow?

Our winter weather this year has brought us very little snow. This picture was taken on New Year's Day.

Yesterday there was a blizzard warning with a forecast of 25 cm/10 inches of snow and wind gusts of 90 km per hour/56 miles per hour.  I'm not sure that we received the forecast amount of snow but we sure did have lots of wind and as a result, drifting snow.

As you can imagine, some of the pack thought that was fantastic.

Brook and Molly

It is typical for Trail and Molly to stay outside running around and the others to want inside after a few minutes.  Sometimes the door person is a little slow and needs prompting to open the door.

"Let us IN!"

Being the observant type you are, I know you are wondering where Callie is in all of this.  She is being encouraged to rest since she has been having some problems with her leg.  Initially it seemed like a minor issue and after a couple of days she was fine but it is bothering her again, so no rowdy times in the snow for now.


  1. Looks like everyone is enjoying the snow! Just LOVE that 'let us in' photo.

  2. Funny how some like indoors, some out and the others a bit of both. Enjoy the snow or not as the case may be. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hope Callie gets to join in the romps soon!

    Gosh, good help IS hard to find. I can see why they need to remind the designated door person to open up already! ;)

  4. What a good looking bunch of snow pups. Dogs do seem to love snow, even if they are a heat-loving breed like those cattle dogs. Hope Callie's leg heals all up soon!

  5. Oh, glad to see you back and posting! What a bunch of cute pics - esp'y love the 'let us in' one. That would be me, too!! Catching up and see you have added Arthur to the clan. He's adorable! Thank you for saving him! (And, yes, I do hope there is a special place in hell for the .... person that dumped them.)

  6. Love those snowy faces!

  7. Howdy Mates. Looks like fun times in the snow. We've never experienced snow. Loved all the photos but Rory loves the one of Callie on her bed cause that's his favourite occupation hehe. Have a grreat weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. Love the picture with Molly all covered in snow! Also the "let me in" photo and...the one of Callie all cozy on her bed:)