Thursday, September 03, 2015

Silly Dogs

Ever notice that sometimes your dog(s) go through a stage of being silly or goofy? We've been experiencing that lately.

It started with blind Hiker.  Since she has been feeling so much better after having acupuncture treatments, she's been a bit silly. 

I wonder if maybe this stretches her back a little? Or more likely, she is just being a silly dog, which means she is back to "normal".

Then deaf Trail was looking out the window.

He enjoys the fact that he is tall enough to rest his chin on the window sill.  But then, the silliness appeared.


  1. I was all "Awww, Hiker! Love her!" And then I saw Trail's second picture and had to laugh. Silly dogs indeed!

  2. Ahahaha!! I love that you were able to capture their silliness on camera! When I break out the camera, B stops the silliness.

  3. Trail's scrunched nose made us laugh out loud!

  4. Cute. Love when dogs are silly! Glad Hiker is feeling better! Laying (lying??) on the stairs like that sure seems to be clear proof!

  5. Hehe! Such small moments, but I love that you see the silliness, and GREAT captures!