Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

One of our favourite fall activities is to go apple picking.  Here on the island there a few pick your own orchards and after hearing that there was a dog friendly one close to where we live, well, we had to go!

As always in situations like that, the decision has to made - who gets to go?

Callie doesn't do well with other dogs.

Bill is more interested in running than walking on leash.

Blind and partly deaf Brook is also a runner.

Deaf Trail had a lot of extra play time the past few days.

So, it was blind Hiker's turn to go!  

Just to be sure, when we arrived, I asked the man at the entrance if there was a place that Hiker could get out of the car and wander a little.  The smiled and said, "Of course, dogs are part of the family."

Trying to pick apples with an excited blind dog wasn't an easy task.  Hiker was very interested in all the smells of the orchard and had a great time checking things out.

The trees were loaded with apples and at this particular farm there are more than 40 varieties of apples to chose from. 

As you can see, Hiker is no longer wearing a collar, she must now wear only a harness. Doctor's orders. The veterinarian that we see for acupuncture said that even though Hiker can't wear he collar, she can (and should) still wear her pink bandana because it looks so cute.

We picked a few types of apples, just for eating and will go back again to get more for making applesauce.  All the apples are only 70 cents a pound.  Yum!

Next time, maybe Trail will get to pick apples.


  1. It's nice to be the only dog every once in awhile! Picking your own apples sounds like a wonderful way to spend an Autumn day!

  2. It sounds like a pawsome day. I have never gone apple picking even though there are lots of orchards in my area.

  3. Sounds fun! Bet Trail would love to go apple-picking (or interesting-smell-sniffing) too!