Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Mischief

We've mentioned previously how blind Hiker is a hoarder uh, I mean a hunter-gatherer. Whatever she can get a hold of, she'll take it into her crate. Socks, shoes, Nylabones, plastic of any sort, etc.

She found something that she couldn't get into her crate.

Hiker was very happy and proud of herself (see the blurry tail wagging) for finding this hanger but somewhat disappointed that it wouldn't fit in her crate.

For a while, we were hanging with the Hikes!


  1. Bwahaahaa! That would have made a great video.

  2. We agree with B, R and M, that video would have been funny!

  3. OMD, Hiker is so cute! Love how she's so proud of and pleased with herself! Rita is the same when she finds a stick or ball on the streets and carries it home on our walks.

  4. Who knew a hanger could evoke such a happy response? I love how our dogs are pleased by the little things in life!

  5. Way to go Hiker! I love seeing such a happy dog!