Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tied Out and Unhappy

The other day, the weather was mild (for January) and sunny so I decided to get outside and beyond the fenced area to stack some firewood.  Since it was so nice, I thought Callie would like to be out there too.  I grabbed a collar and two tie outs, giving her around forty feet of "freedom" to explore.

I thought it was a good idea.  This is what Callie thought of it.

Here is a close-up of that miserable face.

When Callie was coaxed into walking around she walked very stiff with her tail down.  For almost an hour she sat and did nothing. No, there was nothing wrong with her other than be very annoyed at the fact that she was tied out.

I thought it was a good idea, but apparently she did not.


  1. Sometimes the best ideas, just don't work, huh. Glad you had a mild day, so you could get out. We're having a nice, cool morning, bit of a breeze and we're all sitting around HER feet. At least until the kids start on their way to school...BOL!

  2. Ah I know what you mean! Kinda frustrating when as soon as you come inside, they lie around looking soooo bored... and then I feel bad for them! Dogs!

  3. They're good little communicators, aren't they?? "This idea is not appreciated, mom."

  4. Callie that is one unhappy face. We think after a little while you were ok with being outside. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
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