Thursday, July 09, 2015

The fort

Our fenced area has no shade except for at the far corner. That is too far away for the dogs to enjoy because of course they need to be close to their human who sits on the steps at the back door.  So, what to do?  Plant some trees. Sure, did that but they are going to take a few years to be big enough to offer shade. So, the best solution seemed to be a "fort".  We had one at our former home and it also doubled as a dirt digging place.  After scrounging around for some materials, the fort looks like this:

Okay, not the best fort. Have to start somewhere though!  As you can see, the blind girls like it and have been digging their spot in the dirt.  Since it isn't very big, I decided to reuse an old patio umbrella and created this:

Again, it is a start and the most important thing is that the dogs have some shade - within close proximity of their human (who is sitting on the back steps eating ice cream on a stick and not sharing).


  1. They may not make 'Better Homes and Gardens', BUT who cares.....they do the job and are a very creative use of resourses! Enjoy that shade everyone...

    1. resources......sorry it is very early here.

  2. Howdy Mates. Grreat fort especially using the old umbrella. Not sharing ice cream???? Do ya want us to call the RSPCA for ya mates? We can send ya some of our cold weather if ya like. Brrrr, we don't like it. Take care all. NO worries, and love, Stella and Rory