Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lab vs ACD

It really isn't fair to compare one dog to another, is it?  But sometimes, after taking a few pictures that capture their personality, I just can't help it.

See if you agree.

Here is Trail, the Australian Cattle Dog:

Here is Molly, the lab:

See the calm and serious look of Trail compared to the wild woo-who look of Molly?  

Those two pictures actually capture the true personalities.  Yes, Cattle Dogs are known for being very active and busy, but Trail almost always has such a calm and serious look.  Molly, well, she's just a silly and bouncy lab!


  1. "Wild woo-who" - LOL, that's a perfect description :)

  2. Having known a Lab or two in my time, I was expecting something goofy when I scrolled down for the second photo - it was still amazing to see just how 'woohoo!' they look all the time!

    Boy do I wish I could meet you and the pack sometime - I don't know any Cattle Dogs, so don't really know what they're like dog-temperament-wise.

    (I did see what looked like a GIANT Cattle Dog the other day though - looked just like an ACD, only about the size of a Golden Retriever - I thought, wow, I always thought ACDs were smaller! But the owner said she was an ACD mix and smiled at my remark, saying said 'yes, Cattle Dogs are usually quite a BIT smaller!' And while they don't know what mix she is, apparently she doesn't act at all like a Cattle Dog either (her words). I didn't see much, only that she was very calm, but I didn't get to ask what she meant.

  3. Labs are like the loud, sometimes obnoxious kid on the playground. Cattle dogs are more like the playground monitor. :)

  4. Those are so cute - and perfect. Rita almost always has a serious look on her face too - It's the GSD in her I'm sure. She's got work to do!

  5. Yes that is definitely us :) Milo & Jet