Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bye bye spider

Happy Thanksgiving to all our followers in the United States of America!

We had our Thanksgiving back in October and we thought about the many things we are thankful for.  Most importantly, we are thankful for each other and having a loving home together.  That is something we are thankful for every day.

A few weeks ago for Hollowe'en, Forest wore a green spider headband and he looked really cute annoyed by the whole thing.

"This is so embarrassing.  Nobody else is wearing a spider."

I didn't realize how annoyed and embarrassed Forest was until yesterday when I arrived home.  You see, Hiker and Forest met me at the door.  Forest is to be in his crate.  Only Hiker is not crated when home alone.  Hiker is non-destructive and can be totally trusted. Forest should not have been loose all day.  

When I opened the door, Forest gave me one of his mischievous looks as he ran out the door.  You know the type of look, the one that says, "So glad you're home, somebody pooped on the floor and killed a green spider."

Sure enough, somebody did both those things.  After cleaning the mess on the kitchen floor, I went in to the living room and saw this.

spider remains

Oscar the cat thought maybe he might possibly want to play with one of the pipe cleaners.  Then decided that it was too much effort. (he's old and can't be bothered)

So, I have some green pipe cleaners, a black head band and a couple of green feathers.  I could probably make something.  Something crafty, but I'm not crafty.  

I thought of keeping the pipe cleaners for the cats to play with but know that the dogs would try and eat them and likely choke at which time Forest would blame me for buying the damn spider and making him wear it which caused him to destroy it.


  1. Anonymous11/22/2012

    Aw, poor spider. Sometimes the toys just have to bite the dust. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Considering all the things that he could have gotten into, he was really well behaved for being loose and alone all day.

  2. We had a similar happening here at our collie cottage. We bought a rainbow clown wig, for dogs. It was very cute! But the collie's didn't like it...and a couple days after Halloween they destroyed it! We are still finding brightly colored strands of clown hair around the house! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Aren't smart dogs great?! You just know they are thinking "I told you I didn't like this!"

  3. Hey pack! thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Love your last post pix!

    Violet and mom

  4. Forest...we're with you 100%. That was worth the break to destroy that spider! Unfortunately, she has a whole year to come up with something else.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy