Sunday, November 11, 2012

She did it!!

All of us here at acd6pack are thrilled to announce that our blind puppy Breeze, aka the spotted wonder, has conquered the stairs!  Yes, that's right, yesterday, she went up all by herself.  We are so proud of her, now she is able to go up and down by herself, no more being carried!

After she went up the first time on her own, she went up and down a few more times with her tail wagging constantly, no doubt very proud of her accomplishment.  

Breeze then brought in the newspaper, convinced there should be a story about how the blind puppy learned to navigate the stairs.

Since nobody was checking for the story about her and the stairs, she decided to look for it herself.

It was then that we had to tell her that the newspaper likely wouldn't be doing a story about her, but that's okay because we are all very proud of her!


  1. Anonymous11/11/2012

    What an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Hallelujah! You go, girl :)

  3. We're proud of her, too! Well done, Breeze!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. The collies and I are all very proud of her too! Please give her a hug and a kiss for us! :)

  5. It's so interesting reading your blog. I see so many parallels to Ray's. So many of the same milestones and the same kinds of postings. It just goes to show that dogs are dogs no matter if they are blind or deaf. They all do the same stuff, just at their own pace.

    Here are two of Ray's blogs about the stairs. When we first got him, he slept in the kitchen at night and was kept there whenever we left the house (for good reason - if you've ever read his early blogs you'd know why). Now he has run of the house but back then he was afraid of the stairs, a good thing for the cats.