Sunday, November 04, 2012

Going down.

As you may recall, our blind puppy Breeze, who is now about six months old, has yet to master the stairs in the house.  She will go up and down the stairs on the back deck (there are only three) and the few steps at the vet clinic.  In the house, she is carried up to bed and back down.  At first, this was easy since she only weighed 13 pounds.  Fast forward three and a half months and Breeze, aka the spotted wonder, is now over 40 pounds and still growing! 

Yesterday, mid morning, I was awoken (night shift, no, I wasn't sleeping in that late - I wish!) by blind Brook who was asking to go outside (a regular thing for her about two hours after I get to bed).  So, up I got and rather than carrying Breeze downstairs, I just left her in the bedroom knowing only Brook ever goes out to pee, we would only be gone a few minutes and also the fact that Breeze walks very cautiously down the hall to the top of the stairs and then stops as soon as she touches the little scatter mat that indicates the top of the stairs.

Can you guess what happened?  No, no, Breeze didn't fall down the stairs, she walked down! By herself!  

I let the foursome out and then there was the Breeze, very slowly and carefully walking down the stairs with her tail just about wagging off her butt, she was so excited.  I gave her a big fussing and lots of "good girl" when she got to the bottom.  

You would think that going up would be easier but Breeze just can't seem to get that going yet, even with all the others to follow.  Oh well, she can go down so we're halfway there! I knew she would do it since both blind Hiker and blind Brook figured it out. It just takes a bit of time to develop that confidence. 

My back feels better already.