Thursday, October 31, 2013

Breeze's discovery

The other day I was rearranging and tidying up. Since our space is small, I often put things up on the dog crates while I am sweeping the floor. I had put the one dog bed on Breeze's crate and put a sleeping bag and some blankets in that I just haven't figured out yet where to store. As is typical when there is something going on, all the dogs are checking on the progress and honestly more often than not, getting in the way.

Breeze was very interested in the dog bed that was on her crate. She kept reaching up and putting her paws on the crate for a good sniff. 

I assumed that since some of the items were from a recent trip to our former home she was interested in the familiar scent. Well, there was a familiar scent there, just not the one I thought.

As I walked by and viewed the dog bed from a different angle, I saw what had her attention.

It was Gerrard.  Seems that he had discovered a toasty warm and cozy place for a nap!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beach weather

I didn't have to work yesterday and the weather was just right for a trip to the beach. It was sunny with a temperature of 12C/53F. Okay, not the type of weather that most people would consider ideal when planning an afternoon at the beach but a) the dogs don't really care too much about the cool temperatures and b) we're Canadians eh.  We're a hardy bunch (and possibly a little crazy too!)

So, I selected Forest and Azule to go to the beach.

The road to the beach was a bit rough so we had to walk run as fast as possible.

Once we were on the beach, the running continued.

Neither of them went in the water but we sure had a great time.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A new dog bed!

I decided that the pack could use a new dog bed. Part of the reason for that was the fact that I was able to get a skid (or pallet as I am constantly reminded here on the east coast) from work. Rather than have dog bedding directly on the floor, a raised bed would be nicer for them. So, out came the tools and of course the helpers were excited.

Since we live in such a small space, there isn't much room to be doing projects like this. I had to be extra careful of the blind trio. Blind and partly deaf Brook was especially interested, as she is with most anything out of the ordinary.

Forest, as usual, was right in the midst of things and couldn't wait to try it out.

Forest: "Is it going to be this big?"
The Mom: "No. I'm not done yet. Move your butt."

Here is the finished product -

Brook approved
Inspected by Bill
Forest approved and inspected by Hiker.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday mischief

The pack all enjoy chewing and there are always a good selection of things to chew. Whenever I purchase antlers or hooves I always make sure to get one for each of them. It wouldn't be fair to bring in tasty new chew things without everyone having their own.

Recently I bought hooves. Seven hooves, one for each member of the pack.  You can imagine their delight as the bag opened and the scent wafted through. Each of them had to sit and take their hoof nicely then they were off to find a comfy spot to chew.

For Bill and Azule it was, as always, the bed. (I put down an extra blanket and/or a sheet to keep the bedding as clean as possible. We don't want hoof juices on the bedding!)

Notice anything wrong with that picture?

That is Azule with two hooves.  She has a very bad habit of always taking Bill's. He isn't one to resist, he simply turns his head and allows her to casually take it. Azule can only chew on one at a time so she often will just leave the second one within easy reach, just close enough to her that Bill won't take it back.  Then Bill comes to me, head down, looking sad and stares at me until I clue in.  I get his hoof back and a few minutes later, the process is repeated. After about five or six times, Azule gives up and shares. Until the next time we get new hooves or antlers.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mermaids and waterfront

We had a bit of a mermaid theme going the other day. It wasn't intentional, just one of those things that happens!

First, Azule and I were heading into town and I stopped to take her picture by the sign for the little hamlet of Mermaid.

Typical of Azule, she was more interested in the passing vehicles than having her picture taken.

Then Callie and I visited the waterfront. This is the harbour that is about a three minute drive from where I work. It is a nice place to sit at lunch time and watch the boats. 

There is also an access point to the Confederation Trail.  The trail is 470 km long and is tip to tip on the island.

While at the waterfront, we saw another mermaid. This one is a wood carving and is a bit weather worn.

The other wood carving at the waterfront is a fisherman.

We are still extremely happy with our new home here on the island and as I keep telling everyone who asks - no regrets, not at all.