Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This post is to say good bye.

After our recent tragic loss of Azule, I have some very difficult decisions to make. Decisions that will change how and where our future will be.  Making life altering decisions in the wake of such a devastating loss is not something that I want to do but know I must.

For now at least, there will be no updates on this blog.  I have enjoyed the time spent with it and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share our adventures. By giving you a glimpse into the lives of some special needs dogs, hopefully we have shown you just how normal they are.

If time and internet connection permits we’ll try to stop by your blogs and say hi. Maybe in the future we’ll get back to blogging and perhaps explain things better, but no promises, okay? 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Azule 2011 - 2014

Our wonderful, fun-loving girl Azule has died.  She was attacked and killed. 

 I am devastated and trying to cope with her loss.  

2011 - 2014