Friday, August 28, 2015

Acupuncture Fan Club

Our blind girl Hiker has now had three sessions of acupuncture and if there is an acupuncture fan club, we would be card carrying members!

Looking at Hiker now it is amazing to see the improvement.  From a dog who was in severe pain and had difficulty moving, to a dog that was on four a dog that is now off all medications and is playing and goofing around.  All in a short three weeks!

When we initially went to the veterinarian acupuncturist, she said that we would see an improvement quickly and that she wanted Hiker off her medications as soon as possible.  I'll admit, I was a little skeptical knowing how much pain Hiker was in before the medications started working. 

The veterinarian acupuncturist expects that Hiker will need the occasional treatment for the remainder of her life.  Likely every month or two.  For now, our Hiker is back to normal.  

feeling good!

Acupuncture is something that we would highly recommend to anyone who is considering an alternative to medication.  Maybe it won't work for every situation but we are thrilled with the results we obtained.  

Next, deaf Trail will be visiting the acupuncturist to see if it may help with the stiff gait in his back legs.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Mischief - Fort Invasion

We've been having some very hot and humid weather the past couple of weeks and nobody wants to do anything.  Being outside is too hot, being inside is too hot.  

When the dogs are outside, they enjoy their new fort.  The top of the fort was recreated using the bottom of an old pool.  Again, not something that Better Homes and Gardens will be featuring anytime soon.

It seemed that the (house) cat Arthur decided that if digging and laying in the dirt was good enough for the dogs, it was good enough for him.

As he lay in the dirt, he kept glancing out at the dogs, no doubt wondering if they were going to join him.

Blind and deaf Brook was a little confused.  She wanted under the fort but after nudging Arthur a few times, decided to lay somewhere else.

Arthur had no intention of leaving.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Acupuncture treatment

Hiker went for her first acupuncture treatment for her neck/spine issues.  When we arrived, it was typical. Hiker had to "see" everyone and say hello to these new people and then we were shown to a room.

There was a few minutes of waiting so Hiker made herself comfortable.

We really weren't waiting that long, this is just how laid back and relaxed Hiker is wherever she is.

The veterinarian who will be doing the acupuncture is very nice and we talked about a plan to get Hiker off her medications as soon as possible.  Within two days of the first treatment, Hiker was off the Metacam and then the Robaxin was reduced.  

If you look really close, you can see the "needles" and the attached clips are for electrical stimulation.  The vet asked if I thought Hiker would be able to lay or sit mostly still for 15 minutes during the treatment so the needles weren't dislodged.  I assured her that wouldn't be a problem. The only problem was preventing Hiker from rolling on her back for a tummy rub.

The plan is for treatment every week for three to four weeks and if all goes well, she will only need a visit once or twice a year after that.  So, we're cautiously optimistic.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The door and being normal.

I remember way back when I first adopted Hiker I had a conversation with our veterinarian about how to "treat" Hiker and how I shouldn't coddle her or feel sorry for her.  I totally agreed and I recall the veterinarian saying that she knew Hiker would be fine and that what she should be asking was how soon Hiker was going camping.  During our conversation, the comment was made that it is better to laugh than feel sorry for a blind dog, as long as they are not in danger. Well, over the years, there have been a lot of laughs.

Sometimes, although I try not to, I do feel a bit sorry for the blind girls Hiker and Brook. Probably more for Brook since her hearing is so poor.  Here is an example.  The door to the living room was closed to keep the cats in since the outside door was open for the dogs.  Brook could hear the cat on the other side of the door, but which door?

Brook is standing in front of the closet door (no the cat was not in the closet, he was behind the door to Brook's right).  Yes, I did chuckle a little but mostly felt a bit sad.

This is Brook wondering if the door is open for her to come inside.

Unlike Hiker, Brook cannot always hear when the door is opened. She cautiously stands until she hears me yell, "Brook, okay!"

Other than that, she's normal.  

Saturday, August 08, 2015


We have some exciting news! Yup, the title of this post says it all...Molly got adopted!

After a year with us Molly went to her new home on Thursday evening.  She is now going to be spoiled as an only dog with her new people.  They are a wonderful couple who I know will make Molly the centre of their world, which is exactly what I want. There was a sleepover which went well and that allowed them to get to know Molly in a more quiet setting.  She was a bit excited when they met her at our home, those of you with more than one dog understand I am sure, how one will get all of them going.

Our house does seem quieter without her but I am SO happy for Molly and her new family.


Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lab vs ACD

It really isn't fair to compare one dog to another, is it?  But sometimes, after taking a few pictures that capture their personality, I just can't help it.

See if you agree.

Here is Trail, the Australian Cattle Dog:

Here is Molly, the lab:

See the calm and serious look of Trail compared to the wild woo-who look of Molly?  

Those two pictures actually capture the true personalities.  Yes, Cattle Dogs are known for being very active and busy, but Trail almost always has such a calm and serious look.  Molly, well, she's just a silly and bouncy lab!