Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Mischief - Fort Invasion

We've been having some very hot and humid weather the past couple of weeks and nobody wants to do anything.  Being outside is too hot, being inside is too hot.  

When the dogs are outside, they enjoy their new fort.  The top of the fort was recreated using the bottom of an old pool.  Again, not something that Better Homes and Gardens will be featuring anytime soon.

It seemed that the (house) cat Arthur decided that if digging and laying in the dirt was good enough for the dogs, it was good enough for him.

As he lay in the dirt, he kept glancing out at the dogs, no doubt wondering if they were going to join him.

Blind and deaf Brook was a little confused.  She wanted under the fort but after nudging Arthur a few times, decided to lay somewhere else.

Arthur had no intention of leaving.


  1. Nudge a little harder next time, Brook. A cat....especially a HOUSE cat has no business in YOUR Fort!....just sayin'.

  2. Hehe! What a great way to compare dogs and cats! I don't know cats well but Gatsby does have a kitty brother. I wonder if she misses him? (I know he doesn't miss her - he's enjoying the peace and quiet!)

  3. Cats are terrible at sharing! How are you and the pack doing? Hope everyone is doing well!

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