Monday, August 10, 2015

The door and being normal.

I remember way back when I first adopted Hiker I had a conversation with our veterinarian about how to "treat" Hiker and how I shouldn't coddle her or feel sorry for her.  I totally agreed and I recall the veterinarian saying that she knew Hiker would be fine and that what she should be asking was how soon Hiker was going camping.  During our conversation, the comment was made that it is better to laugh than feel sorry for a blind dog, as long as they are not in danger. Well, over the years, there have been a lot of laughs.

Sometimes, although I try not to, I do feel a bit sorry for the blind girls Hiker and Brook. Probably more for Brook since her hearing is so poor.  Here is an example.  The door to the living room was closed to keep the cats in since the outside door was open for the dogs.  Brook could hear the cat on the other side of the door, but which door?

Brook is standing in front of the closet door (no the cat was not in the closet, he was behind the door to Brook's right).  Yes, I did chuckle a little but mostly felt a bit sad.

This is Brook wondering if the door is open for her to come inside.

Unlike Hiker, Brook cannot always hear when the door is opened. She cautiously stands until she hears me yell, "Brook, okay!"

Other than that, she's normal.  


  1. Yeah, you just have to laugh at times.......

    Such a cute photo of Brook.

  2. It is hard to not feel sorry for them sometimes. It was like that with our three legged girl - although most of the times were good and happy. Love that sweet photo of Brook. What a sweet baby.

  3. What a thought-provoking post. Thanks for sharing. And boy, what a sweet photo of Brook waiting at the door!