Monday, September 23, 2013

Mischief Monday/Tasty Tuesday

I was thinking. "I'll just be a few minutes...I don't need to crate everybody. Nothing will happen." Wrong! (again)  Not to worry, this isn't a post about a horrible accident or even some disaster, unless the lack of breakfast items will bring forth some sympathy from you! Let me explain.

I was leaving home for a few minutes to head over to the tap to fill our water buckets. Return trip takes about five minutes or so. It's a bit of a hassle to crate all the dogs and as you can imagine, they aren't really thrilled with it, especially in the midst of playing. So, I left them all loose except for Callie who was in her large penned area.

Upon my return, the sewing machine had been knocked off the table (I was making curtains) and blind and mostly deaf Brook was on the table. I suppose that the sewing machine was in her way. In the way of what you ask?

In the way of these.

On the left is the remains of a package of flour tortillas and the white paper is from half a sleeve of soda crackers.

Then I found this:

Brook went through the loaf of bread and each slice had some missing except for the crust at the bottom of the bag. Picky little thing. 

The bread was 12 grain and let me just say that the extra fibre was evident the next day.

Someday I will learn and take the time to crate all the dogs when I leave, even if it is only for a few minutes!

Friday, September 20, 2013

AVC - The Atlantic Veterinary College

Ever since I adopted Breeze as a tiny little puppy with almost no spots,

I've often wondered if there was any chance of vision in her left eye. That is the side with what appears to be a fully formed eye with a thick covering and a spot near the centre.  She does very well without vision and it was never really a pressing issue.  

Now that we are (somewhat) settled here and have found a fantastic veterinary clinic I asked about a referral. One suggestion from our new veterinarian was to take her to the Atlantic Veterinary College.  Luckily for us, the same veterinary ophthalmologist that Brook has seen at the OVC - Ontario Veterinary College, was here teaching and seeing patients.

Breeze was her usual charming self and really good with all the sitting still so her eye could be checked. There were so many things to check out.

After all the testing, they determined that it is likely that Breeze experienced a penetrating injury to her eye when she was very young and the injury caused severe damage that has resulted in permanent blindness. The other side has no visible eye. Not surprising news but still, I was just a teeny bit disappointed.  Not overly though, I adopted her knowing she was blind and she is a happy and well adjusted dog!

The following day, I received a telephone call from one of the fourth year students we saw, asking if Breeze could return to AVC.  The student was very interested in Breeze's condition and had arranged for a (free) ultrasound of her eyes if I could bring her back in.  

I was impressed with the student's ambition and told her so and readily agreed to return. So, Breeze had some topical freezing applied and an ultrasound performed to assist the students with their learning. When I picked her up, the student told me that they have to do a presentation based on a patient and she might want to use Breeze if that was okay with me. Absolutely!

The best part of the visits to AVC, according to Breeze was this -

they got treats!

Friday, September 13, 2013

We built a bed!

We didn't have a bed. We were all sleeping on the floor, no air mattress or anything like that, just a couple of sleeping bags on the floor.  So, rather than continue to do that, I decided that I should build a bed.

It's nothing fancy, just some utility grade 2X4s, some nails and a whole lot of determination. (I always say that what I lack in skill I make up for in determination!)  I think it turned out quite well. I am basing that on the fact that it hasn't collapsed yet!

The dogs like it. They like it a lot.

Brook, Azule, Bill, Breeze and Forest

I thought about building an elevated bed with lots of storage room underneath but with three blind dogs I knew I would have to also build a barrier around it to prevent them from falling off (adult sized crib?!) and of course a set of stairs for them to be able to get on the bed. Seemed like too much to tackle so I kept it simple.

That open space underneath is more popular than I ever imagined it would be.


It's a fun place to hang out.

Also a great place to play.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Slow feed bowl how-to

For a couple of years now, (blind and mostly deaf) Brook has been eating from a slow feed type of bowl. She has always been food obsessed and developed quite a bit of gas and some minor bloating since she ate so fast.  

The slow feed bowl has been working great until recently.  Brook has figured out a way to make it not such a slow feed.

That is her in the process of tipping the bowl over so that the kibble falls out onto the floor. 

I suppose that it is still a slow feed since she has to find the kibbles that have scattered on the floor. I of course have to keep watch because there is always one or two who have finished theirs and try to snatch the kibbles since they can see.

Monday, September 09, 2013

New shoes = new toys

I recently started a new job here and as part of that must wear steel toed shoes which are supplied by the company I work for. I think I may have mentioned previously that some of the pack have a bit of a shoe fetish. They don’t destroy them, they just like to play with them.

When I arrived home with my new work shoes, Forest was quite interested.

After a while though, it seems that they are perhaps too heavy to be swinging around and playing with. Probably best to just lightly chew on them.

There is almost no interest in these shoes now, the other pairs and the slippers all end up outside as usual. I often wonder if (blind) Breeze thinks that there is a never ending supply of shoes since when I bring them inside I put them in different places.  As long they aren't destroying them, they can play with the shoes.

Friday, September 06, 2013

No rock pictures!

I took Breeze to the beach yesterday and we found some interesting rocks so I decided to take a picture.

Breeze seemed to think that it should have been more about her and decided, "no more rock pictures!"

So we walked the beach instead.

"It's all about me!"
(she looks a bit goofy in that picture...maybe she is trying to smile, underbite and all)