Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Walk In The Field

The last few days blind Hiker has been "asking" to go somewhere.  She will sit and wiggle with her tail frantically wagging as I get ready to leave. I haven't been able to take her so I decided that we would go for a walk in our field. 

We've done this before (all the dogs have been) and it is great fun since there are lots of holes to stick noses in and sniff.

As you can see, Hiker continues to wear the (detested by me) harness for walks.  Since the veterinarian who does her acupuncture insisted that Hiker not wear a collar ever again, we use the harness.  I think that Hiker likes it and she certainly knows that when it is put on we're going somewhere.

I'm looking forward to all that brown grass turning green!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Just Relaxing

Sometimes there just isn't much going on...

(Alice the cat is fine, she's a bit of an attention seeker sometimes)

Thursday, April 20, 2017


There wasn't much going on, it was cold and damp outside, the woodstove was on.  

I was making supper when I noticed something.

Trail was surrounded.  By the cats.

Darby, Loretta (both from the barn), Arthur, Trail and Alice.

Yes, he was falling asleep. Not concerned at all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Has Arrived!

It seems as though we are finally done with winter!

Sunshine and temperatures that feel like spring so of course that means laying in the sunshine outside.  (all I can see is the amount of outside work that needs doing since we moved in at the start of winter)

Looking forward to all that brown grass turning green!

Friday, April 14, 2017

We Might Need An Intervention

On Wednesday, our post was our blind girl Hiker in her crate.

In her crate with her "things".  

If you look closely you will see three slippers, a pair of shoes, a small stuffie and a nylon bone.

Me: "Hiker, where is my shoe/sock/slipper?"
Hiker: "I dunno, I haven't seen it."  (BOL!)

As I am sure we've mentioned previously, this is nothing new.  It apparently is common for dogs that are handicapped/special needs to develop some obsessive type behaviours.  Hiker has done this since she was adopted and never gets upset when all of "her things" are removed.  She will calmly wander the house and gather up other things and stuff them in her crate. She has never damaged anything, she just...well...hoards them.

Do you think maybe we need an intervention?  (somebody said there is a television show...)

Our former veterinarian (from a few years ago before we moved across country) said, "Of course your dogs have issues. They live with you."  (We miss Dr. R)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Mischief

You are probably very familiar with the advice of not making a big thing out of coming or going so that your dog(s) don't mind if you leave and likely won't have any separation anxiety issues.  

Well, I discovered quite quickly after adopting Trail that he is one of those exceptions to that rule.  He needs to be snuggled and fussed over for a minute before being left alone (with the other dogs) in the house.

One day last week, in his excitement to get on the couch in the kitchen before I left, he spilled the big water dish.  I quickly mopped it up, gave him a quick pat on the head and left.

I came home to a bit of a mess. 

Trail chewed up a block of note paper and a pen.

Maybe he was trying to leave a note to say Sorry I spilled the water dish and almost made you late for work.

Oh well, no harm done and now I know what the leaving procedure must be, even if I am a minute or two late leaving.