Friday, April 14, 2017

We Might Need An Intervention

On Wednesday, our post was our blind girl Hiker in her crate.

In her crate with her "things".  

If you look closely you will see three slippers, a pair of shoes, a small stuffie and a nylon bone.

Me: "Hiker, where is my shoe/sock/slipper?"
Hiker: "I dunno, I haven't seen it."  (BOL!)

As I am sure we've mentioned previously, this is nothing new.  It apparently is common for dogs that are handicapped/special needs to develop some obsessive type behaviours.  Hiker has done this since she was adopted and never gets upset when all of "her things" are removed.  She will calmly wander the house and gather up other things and stuff them in her crate. She has never damaged anything, she just...well...hoards them.

Do you think maybe we need an intervention?  (somebody said there is a television show...)

Our former veterinarian (from a few years ago before we moved across country) said, "Of course your dogs have issues. They live with you."  (We miss Dr. R)


  1. When Miss Ginger was a pup, she collected all the squeaky toys and put them under the coffee table. Then Old Charisma would go under there and take a nap on top of all Ginger's things, and wouldn't move until she finished her nap, much to Ginger's aggravation!

    1. That's a great story (and mental image)!

  2. "Haven't seen it" - hahaha! And love your former vet's comments as well.

    Interesting ... I wonder if this is why our girl carried our socks around? She was also special needs (3 legged). She also never damaged them. Although... she did bite a hole in a pair of my hubby's undies once. He still has them - as they have sentimental value. I can only imagine what the other men at the gym think..... :)

  3. I don't think you need an intervention...Hiker needs a bigger crate!! :)

  4. Well, they do say dogs resemble their owners. SHE's noticed that we're a bit crazy. We agree with the above comment. At least when you've lost footwear, you know where to look.

  5. Hiker, we know you love your slippers and shoes. They must be so much fun to play with. That joke is just what we needed to put a smile on our face today. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
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