Saturday, November 23, 2013

New (to us) furniture

We recently were very fortunate and received a love seat and matching chair from a new friend at work.  Since all our furniture was left behind when we moved, we've been getting by with the thrift store chair and a couple of camping chairs.  Now though, we have real furniture!

As you can see, it has been approved.


Brook and Hiker
Bill, Azule and Breeze

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Copying the big dog.

I've mentioned a few times how Breeze loves to lean on furniture and I have asked people we know who have bigger dogs and they all say the same thing, "ours do that too!"  Then a few days ago, Breeze was leaning on the new(ish) dog bed that I made.

Then, yesterday, Brook tried out something similar with a dog bed which is actually a cardboard box and a sleeping bag..

Breeze is around 60 pounds and Brook is only 32 pounds but obviously wanted to pretend that she was a big dog too.  As I watched her my first thought was that she was copying what Breeze had done a few days previously.  Now, if you have been following our adventures you likely are thinking but they are both blind.  You are right, neither Breeze nor Brook can see.  

So, no, Brook wasn't copying but I couldn't help but think that as I watched her then I chuckled to myself as I realized how silly that thought was.  But that is just another example of how I don't really think of the dogs in terms of their handicaps. They're just normal, fun loving dogs!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ready or not....

A few days ago, we awoke to winter!

This was the view to our 30 acres of forested land.

The dogs? Of course they enjoyed it!

Look closely at the above photo, near the fence. Yes, that is Breeze blending in with the snow again this year!

Throughout the day the snow began to melt and the following day was rainy and windy. Since overnight temperatures are now below freezing, ready or not, winter is almost here,. (I'm not quite ready, I need new winter boots!)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Mischief

Today's Monday Mischief post is being brought to you by the pack.  I didn't think that this was worth blogging about but they think you will enjoy it.

Hi everybody!  It's the pack here, we want you to know about a recent incident that happened at our home.  

Somebody spilled the water dish.

It made a big mess on the floor and The Mom was annoyed.  We didn't really care too much. These things happen, especially when there are three of us that are blind.  The Mom always says that since the water dish is always in the same place we should know where it is by now and not walk into it.

So, who spilled the dish?  Let us show you the feet that knocked the dish over....

Yup - The Mom's feet!!!

Okay, okay, yes it was me that knocked over the dish. I must tell you that it has been many weeks since any of the dogs have knocked over the dish. I suppose I should listen to myself and keep in mind that since the dish is always in the same place I should know here it is by now!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Not too big

Even though she is blind, Breeze knows her limitations regarding her size.  She is cautious about where she goes and (most times) about what she does.

Yesterday, she decided to check out the raised dog bed that I made. It has been around for a couple of weeks but since I moved it to a different location, she seemed to notice it and decided to try it out as best she could.

She had an antler and the dog bed made a good platform for chewing.  She must have heard me chuckling at her while I was taking the above photo. This is the "look" I got right after.

"I'm not too big!"