Friday, May 31, 2013

Checking on breakfast

There are a few daily things that people are curious about regarding the pack.  One situation that came up recently was how it wouldn't be possible to leave anything edible unattended.  Well, the other morning, I decided to prove that it is possible to do that in our home!

"Smells yummy!"

We don't have use a coffee table or end tables in our living room.  No coffee table mainly due to the fact that it would be another obstacle for the blind trio and partly due to wanting the open space for playing.  As for an end table, a dog crate works well.  

Since we have switched back to the wire style for now, I've added a piece of cardboard so that the cat's paws don't go through and the piece on the side so Elsie won't fall off.  Yes, she might fall off because she is a belly rub fan who rolls around and doesn't pay attention to the edge! 

I had set my breakfast down and then went to open the door for Brook to come in and saw Elsie, Forest and Breeze checking out my breakfast.  They know to not take anything so I had time to go and get the camera.

Forest actually got really close there but a quiet, "ahem" from me and he backed off.  Now, if that half a bagel with peanut butter was on the floor - it would last about two seconds!

(The pillow that Forest is standing on in the pictures usually leans against the crate so it is soft and comfy for Breeze as she lays on the ottoman and leans on the crate.)

Now don't be thinking that the poor, neglected and deprived dogs went without peanut butter - regardless of what they tell you.  Each and every morning, without fail, they all get a half of an unsalted soda cracker with natural, organic peanut butter.  Besides, the bagel had raisins in it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wearing a dog coat?

We received a box of doggie items to pass along to one of the rescues we know.  There were a few little dog coats, some dishes, a harness and a couple of collars.  As with everything that is brought into the house, it had to be thoroughly checked out.

"Is this stuff for us?"

Callie seemed to think that one of the dog coats was a toy and she kept mouthing it as if she was expecting to find a squeaker in it.

"Where's the squeaker?"

Breeze was interested in the pink satiny coat.


Perhaps Breeze realized that the pink one wouldn't fit or maybe it was the fact that the others were playing with a different one.  She left the pink one and went outside with one of the other coats.  I followed her outside and placed the coat on her back just for fun.  

It's so difficult to be a fashion model when you're getting your back leg chewed!

Breeze stepped on the coat, picked it up in her mouth and as a result, her leg went through the leg hole.  It looked like she was trying to put it on.

"Does this fit?"

It was funny watching her trying to walk with her leg through the leg hole while she was holding it in her mouth.  She seemed determined to wear a coat!

After a wash and line dry in the sunshine, we happily donated the items to be used for some little rescued dogs who really do need to wear coats.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Under the sofa

The pack has chewed down the hooves they got a few weeks ago and as I looked around, I realized that there didn't seem to be many other things for them to chew.  Knowing that they always have a selection (collection?) of chewable things, I decided it was time to grab the yardstick and do a sweep under the sofa.

This is what I found.

Six well-chewed pieces of antler, one natural bone, two little pieces of hoof (now highly prized), a puppy Nylabone and two adult Nylabones.  We haven't seen the puppy Nylabone for a few months. I am certain that it ended up under the sofa by Breeze stuffing it down the back of the seat cushions. 

It seems to be lots of fun to put things there and then "dig" them up later.  She will happily wait as I stick my arm down and find whatever she is "digging" up.  Initially I though she might be a bit growly or upset that I was trying to take her things but she seems happy to let me get them for her.

I think that in addition to falling through to the floor, some are probably stuck in the mattress.  Perhaps we should pull out the sofa bed and see what is lurking in there.

There are probably some of you thinking that I am not telling you about everything I found, right?  With a pack of dogs, yes, I found a big dust bunny too.  No, I did not take a picture of it!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Adoption event

On the weekend, there was an open house/adoption event and since I wasn't working, I was able to take Twiggy, our foster puppy. 

In addition to the dogs available for adoption and the dogs visiting, there was a visiting pot bellied pig.  She was very friendly and happily accepted ice cubes from everyone.  Twiggy initially seemed a bit puzzled by her, she's not a dog, not a cat...what is that?

All the dogs were interested in the duck game, which was a game for humans, not dogs. I was surprised that none of the dogs actually went in the pool.  They did enjoy drinking the water and nosing at the ducks.

At home, Twiggy will put her front feet in the pool but not go all the way in.  I was just waiting for her to grab a duck, but she was a good girl and left them alone.

There were a few people who met Twiggy and she enjoyed the attention, of course!  

She will attend future adoption events and I know she will be an awesome addition to someone's home.   

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Foster pup and the pack.

Our foster pup Twiggy is still with us, a few weeks after the original estimated couple of weeks.  I am waiting to hear from the rescue about the date for her spay.  It's been delayed in part to my work schedule and the fact that the vet the rescue uses is an hour away.  Not to worry, she has settled in quite well with the pack and everyone has adjusted.

Initially, I was a little concerned about Breeze.  She seemed upset and out of sorts when Twiggy arrived.  I do find that Breeze is the most sensitive one of the pack and seems to really need some extra fussing and snuggles.  She has now relaxed and is having great fun playing with Twiggy, as they all are.  Even Hiker and Bill have been seen playing a little bit of chase. 

Twiggy - looking for her forever home

Twiggy has quickly learned that when treats are being distributed, everyone must sit quietly and wait their turn.  No grabbing or pushing allowed. One morning last week Twiggy pushed her way to the front and grabbed a treat that I was giving to Bill.  She had to leave the kitchen and wait out on the enclosed porch until the others had their treats.  Interesting to see her reaction the next morning at treat time.  She sat quietly and waited and has done so every time since with no grabbing, just taking it nicely. Smart pup!
Here are the girls hanging out in the yard -

Some people say that a group of female dogs won't work, they won't get along. Nobody told these ones.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house...

If you look closely, you can see that the male is actually standing on the female's back.  I did some reading on mourning doves and it is the male that beings nest materials to the female and he stands on her back as she makes the nest.  This picture was taken out our bathroom window and is our neighbor's house.  There was a robin's nest there a couple of years ago and it was fun to check on them through the window.  We won't be watching the doves nest and hatch little ones though.  The nest disappeared shortly after they started making it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The scrub brush

One of the final things to get done before listing the house for sale was to scrub the siding on the house.  Since I don't own a pressure washer, it was a bucket of water and a scrub brush.  Yes, I know, it is possible to rent a pressure washer but that costs money and besides, it was a nice sunny day and of course I had some help.

I just used plain water, no detergent.  When I brought the bucket out and put it down in anticipation of scrubbing - wait, anticipation - that makes it sound like I was looking forward to this.  I wasn't that excited.  Anyways, I put the bucket down and dropped the scrub brush into the water.  The sound of the brush splashing brought the ever inquisitive blind Breeze over.  Despite being blind, there isn't much that she misses.  Unlike blind Brook, Breeze's hearing is fine and when she hears something she wants to check it out.

As you can see in the background, there is the pool which has water in it and further back is a big green bowl of fresh water.  Nope, not interested.  What's in the bucket?

After Breeze wandered away with the scrub brush, she of course had to chew it.

I got the scrub brush back and got the scrubbing done. It is so great to have help!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Being silly

"Help, I've fallen and can't get up!"

 "Ha ha - Only fooling - I'm okay!"

Observing this was Callie.

Callie:  "Foolishness.   Absolute foolishness."

Of course Callie would think this type of behavior was foolish.  She would never act like that.  Nope, not our Callie.

Or would she?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Critter watch continues.

I'm not sure what type of critters visit our yard in the night but in the mornings there are (apparently) some great smells out there.  

Whatever it was that had wandered through, the scent must have been strong. They spent quite a bit of time the other morning checking that area out. (The little light brown thing by Breeze's back leg is an outside stuffie toy.  A fake critter)

At the back is where there is a bird's nest in the loose soffit on the neighbor's garage. Hiker gets very excited and will sit and whine because she can hear the baby birds chirping.

There are extra (old) fence boards there to discourage Hiker from digging.  As you can see, the lilies are hanging in, despite the activity.  For some reason, this is the only bird's nest that interests her.  We have at least two other nests but she spends hours (literally) laying here. 

Later, at the woodpile -

I am sure there are some little critters living in the woodpile.  Every few days, the pack gets very excited about it

Here is our foster pup Twiggy sticking her head in between the chunks of wood.  

They all did some deep sniffing and some pawing at the stacked wood.  It must have been stacked very well since it never moved, even with all those noses and feet at it.

Later that same day, Azule and Bill found something interesting in the grass.  

Foster pup Twiggy decided to join them just in case they needed extra help. 

They never did find anything but sure gave it a good try.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to chew a hoof

The whole pack got hooves yesterday since the weather was cold and it was hailing.  Also because I am in the midst of a head and chest cold and really don't feel like venturing beyond the couch.

Hiker had an unusual stance.

Foster pup Twiggy just wants to be a part of the pack so she copied Hiker.

And later, Twiggy copied Brook and Azule's extended back leg pose.

Even though Twiggy is really cute, lots of fun to have around and has settled in with the pack very well - she is not staying.  No. She is not. It doesn't matter how many people say, "Aww...come on.  What's one more?"  No.  

Twiggy has four good legs, can see and can hear.  She is highly adoptable! We have offered that she stay with us until adopted rather than go to the boarding facility after her spay.  That way, the rescue can use that spot and save another dog.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's for breakfast?

At our home, we've learned over the years that the best way to ensure the safety of the kibbles is to keep them in a securely latched tote.  This is because Brook has, on more than one occasion, grabbed a bag of kibbles and ripped into it and ate and ate and ate.  There were a couple of scary bloat incidents as a result.  After the first time, I purchased a snap lid type tote. That worked for a few days until Brook chewed the lid and got it off.  Out  came the bag of kibbles. Then a twenty pound weight on the lid. She knocked it off, opened the tote and ate the kibbles again.

So we now have, as part of our kitchen "decor", a tote with two metal latches to keep the kibbles and Brook safe.  Sometimes, the opening of that tote creates more interest than other times.

Twiggy and Brook

Of course, it was the two highly food motivated/obsessed ones that were interested.

Twiggy spotted a piece of kibble on the bottom of the tote, so in she climbed.

Twiggy: "I'm going in!"

Brook missed the piece of kibble but decided to get in the tote and check in case there was any more.

"I could chew a hole in the bag."

The bag is 30 pounds of kibble which last us just over two weeks. (Breeze and foster Twiggy are eating puppy kibbles) This shows how small Brook is.  When Forest was six months old, they were the same size.

"Where's my breakfast?"

I am still adding a little peanut butter gravy (1/2 tsp natural organic peanut butter and 1 tbsp hot water) to Breeze's kibbles and it seems to make meal times much more enjoyable for her.  No more growling or pacing while she is eating.  Yesterday, I added sweet potato instead.  She was not impressed.  We're staying with the peanut butter gravy.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Foster puppy update

Our foster puppy Twiggy has settled in with the pack and doing well. In all honesty, her arrival has shaken up the pack a bit and the most affected is Breeze.  She's had a rough couple of days recently.

Out in the yard, Twiggy is rambunctious and loves having playmates and toys.  Don't tell Callie but Twiggy has discovered the JollyBall.  She will run after a ball and will also play on her own.  A game of chase is always fun too! (I tried for pictures but they are too fast so all I get are blurry pooches.)

I see Twiggy watching the others, almost as if she is observing them and taking it all in.  Reminds me a bit of when Forest was first adopted, he did the same thing but more in a terrified and non socialized sort of way.  Twiggy seems to be taking it all in and loving it! 

In the house, Twiggy is still fascinated with the bath tub.  Dirty feet and all.

They were all outside playing so I cleaned the tub and within ten minutes, Twiggy was in the tub making it dirty again.

While I was cleaning the tub I noticed that the new bar of soap I had placed in the shower was missing. I think that Twiggy ate it.  The label indicates that the soap is 99% guess that's okay.  Maybe?  No ill effects so I can't even really say for certain she ate it, but I have my suspicions. 

But she is just so darn cute and cuddly!

Bill and Twiggy

Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday Mischief by Breeze

Out in the yard, under the "fort", Breeze discovered a small hole.

After sniffing for a few minutes, she decided to explore further and make the hole bigger.

Then she realized that her head would fit in the hole.

As her head was in the hole, I could hear her sniffing, no doubt enjoying the smell of the freshly dug dirt.

Then, after all that digging, time for a rest in the cool, fresh dirt.