Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Has Arrived!

It seems as though we are finally done with winter!

Sunshine and temperatures that feel like spring so of course that means laying in the sunshine outside.  (all I can see is the amount of outside work that needs doing since we moved in at the start of winter)

Looking forward to all that brown grass turning green!


  1. I'm with you...so much yard work to be done! But the collies and I are loving the sunshine!

  2. About time, isn't it? Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

  3. Work can wait. It's time to PLAY!

  4. Yay spring! (I also have some yard work to do... although I have no "snow" excuse for why I haven't done it yet... just lazy... and working in the yard is not my fave thing.) :)

  5. Oh that's great!
    (I wonder if I will ever have an enclosure like that and multiple dogs. Hmm. This is why I love blogging - glimpses at different lifestyles.)

  6. You all just look so happy that spring weather is here for you all. It will be lots of playtime outside now. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.
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