Friday, June 12, 2015

Female or a chick?

I have been trying to convince Brook that she is a female not a chick.  She got it into her head that she could be a chick.  No, not a supermodel type chick, this type of chick:

When the "girls" arrived, I also brought in a 50 pound of chick starter feed which I left on the back step to transfer into buckets.  Dogs won't eat chick feed.  Right?  Wrong!  Sorry, no pictures but Brook dragged the bag down the steps, ripped a hole in it and started eating.  Why?  Who knows.

So, I've been telling Brook that she is a female not a chick!  it really isn't working.  There is something in the feed that all the dogs like the taste of.  The spilled food on the grass attracted all of them until it was finally gone.  

Now the food is safely in buckets, the chicks are in their brooder in the barn and the barn cats only glance at them.  A few months from now we'll be having fresh eggs.


  1. Fresh eggs...yum!

    We like to try all sorts of food. And if it's illegal, it's even better.

  2. They're so cute! How nice to have fresh eggs.So funny about Brook. I guess our beagle thought she was a chick too! She busted into a bag of bird feed once! She sniffed it out in a friend's closer. Found her in the closet, head in bag, chowing down!

  3. Dogs never cease to amaze me with what they'll eat! Wonderful chicks - and you'll have some tasty eggs before you know it!

  4. I imagine my dogs would talk like they are stuck in the 1970s as well. As long as they eat the chick feed and not the chicks themselves! Those chicks are very adorable.