Sunday, December 06, 2015

Power Outage, Snow, Power Outage

Thursday morning here was dark. Unusually dark. Uh-oh, power outage. From early in the morning until after lunch we had no power due to a motor vehicle accident which severed a pole and brought down wires. Then, overnight Thursday into Friday morning there was a snow storm resulting in another power outage, this one lasting around 5 hours.

The snow was very heavy and wet which destroyed our hen's outdoor pen by collapsing all the wire fencing. 

It did make for some pretty scenery.  This was the view out our back door.

Callie and Trail both liked the snow, Bill, Hiker and Brook shivered as usual.

Today the sun is out and the temperatures are around 5C/41F so the snow is melting but we know that this was just a brief preview of what is to come.


  1. Oh wow! It does look very beautiful--I always loved the southwest when it snowed. We are still having a mild fall/winter--wondering if the polar vortex will get us again this season, or if it will stay mild.

  2. It DOES look beautiful. But sooooooo cold. Good thing it is beautiful, because power outages, broken fences are difficult. Keep warm everyone.

  3. That makes me shiver. How do dogs do that? Take a snow crusted ball into their mouths and not get an "ice cream" headache? Looks very frosty there! Good thing you have all those animals to snuggle up with to keep you warm on those outage days!