Monday, November 17, 2014

An addition and moving

We've been busy and without reliable internet have missed updating this blog and reading your blogs. We're still around and doing well.  

There is a new addition here at acd6pack.  Her name is Alice.

Yes, a kitten and she is very popular with the dogs!

A friend of a friend found her in their yard and where they live, there is nowhere she could have come from. Likely, she was dumped/tossed.  Alice was at the vet and other than being very underweight, she appears to be in good health and about four months old. Alice looks similar to our cat Elsie except that Alice has "freckles" on her nose.

In addition to the excitement of Alice's arrival, we moved into the house!  The dogs adapted quickly and are enjoying the big windows, natural light and are having fun running around their new fenced area.


  1. We've been having internet problems too. frustrating. We're so happy you've moved into the house...ready for winter.

    A cat. We're not sure we could have a cat in our house. We go crazy when we see the ones across the street.

  2. A kitten! :) I'm not particularly a fan of puppies (believe it or not) even though I much prefer dogs over cats but to me kittens are pretty cute!
    I like her name, it seems to go with her looks.

    Glad to hear that the house is going well - best of luck with everything that needs to be done!

  3. The kittens so cute! That's great that the dogs and the new kitty get along. Rita would not take nicely to having a cat in the house! Speaking of "the house" - glad you are moved in! enjoy!

  4. Congrats on the new house AND the new kitten. How fun! Have you decided to keep Molly?

  5. Glad everyone is getting along, Alice is adorable. :) Congrats on moving into the house!

  6. Oh my goodness! How does Alice feel about living with all those dogs? It sounds like everyone is very well-adjusted that they adapt to changes so easily. Congratulations on your move--it sounds fabulous.