Monday, November 03, 2014

4 dogs, 3 months

It seems that in the past three months word has gotten out about us.  Our post title is not a challenge. That is the number of dogs we have been offered in the past three months.  Yes, four dogs have been offered to us by their owners in just three months.

The first one was Molly who we accepted into our home.

The month after Molly there were two medium sized mixed breeds. A couple we know had split and the dogs were at the house with the man.  He wasn't sure that he wanted them and asked if we would take them.  As difficult as it was, I said no.  Well, not completely no.  I offered that if he wasn't able to care for them that they could come to our home and we would re-home them. Another option I suggested was the local Humane Society. 

For now, those two dogs are being well cared for.  I ask often. Not just a casual, "how are the dogs?" but questions that require a more detailed answer than "fine" or "okay".

Then last week, there was a Treeing Walker Coon Hound.

The family that has him purchased him as a puppy from up the road...he was SO cute!  Unfortunately, this dog, now almost two years old, is not a good fit for this family. They admit that they had no idea about the breed nor what his temperment or exercise requirements would be.  Did we want another dog?

Again, I said no but with options.  I suggest a trainer, increased exercise and mental stimulation along with doing some research on the breed (better late than never).  For now, he staying with the family.  Again I offered that if they are needing him out, we will make room for him until a suitable home can be found.

Sad and somewhat scary isn't it?  In just three months, four dogs.  How many more have we not heard about?

We can't help everyone but we can and will do what we can where we can. 


  1. That must be hard, and frustrating - for people to know you did one good thing and then think it means they can dump their dogs on you - and that you would want them to. I'm sure it must be a common experience for people who do a good thing like you did.
    I think you're doing great, especially with the family of the coon hound who are now trying to make it work out. I hope that situation works out - I know full well having a pet isn't as straightforward as it is for some people, but I hope they can work it out and accept that even though it's not perfect, it can work.

    Thanks for doing what you do - I'd love it if I could do that one day.

  2. oh dear, so many cute puppies end up in the wrong families. So sad. We know how you feel, but you can't take them all.

  3. Sad indeed. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. That hound is a beauty! Too bad he's not down here in SC - a woman who runs a local rescue just loves Coon Hounds! The first time I ever talked to her (on the phone, now - we hadn't even met!) she talked me into driving 30 miles away to pick up a blind hound puppy at a Vet's office where he's just been neutered, and fostering him for 6 months - turned out to be a wonderful experience, and he found the best forever home ever (you can visit him at But hounds ARE challenging - and, oh my, that baying! My neighbors weren't terribly happy :)

  5. It's sad but it does not surprise me! Hopefully they all stay with their original families.

  6. I have people try to unload their dogs and/or cats on me too. I offer them alternatives - training, courtesy listings with a rescue group, etc. Sometimes, people just don't know of the available resources that are out there - despite this day and age of easy access to information.

  7. We had something very similar happen. We adopted a 10 yr old yellow lab from a family who had two toddlers and not enough time for their dog (that sweet dog died a few years ago). But, word got out on the "mommy network" that we might make homes for all the dogs of people with toddlers who suddenly had no time for their dogs. Hrmph. We did similar things as you, because one family can only do so much. I just wish that people would think more carefully about the future when they take on a dog who will live 10-15 years.

  8. It is very sad, too many people give up on their dogs without ever trying dog training classes.

  9. Howdy Mates. Hugs to you for helping when and where you can and for giving good advice. It is sad when a pup/dog has to find a new home through no fault of their own. Take care all.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory