Thursday, October 30, 2014

WW explained

Did you see our Wordless Wednesday post yesterday?  This was the picture we posted.

Yes, that is poor Bill underneath Brook.  I think maybe we should explain how that picture came to be.

This is what happens when someone moves the chair that a blind and partly deaf dog named Brook always sleeps on.  Yes, the furniture was moved. Now, some people think that if you have blind dogs you can never, ever move your furniture around.  Well, as you know from reading this blog, all the dogs are treated the same - treated as normal. The world is not padded and there are obstacles. And yes, sometimes the furniture moves.

This all started because there is a leak in the roof that drips on the couch. We have been having heavy rains the past few days so the couch has been covered in a tarp. That didn't stop Brook. She still lay on it.

One of the joys of a blind and partly deaf go-with-the-flow dog is that things can happen around them and they don't really mind.  Brook was sleeping on her favourite chair and so I just slid the chair to where I wanted it and moved the couch in.

Brook was oblivious.  Until she woke up and headed for the door.  Oops, a slight navigation problem.  She was about two feet too far to the left.  Not to worry, she quickly corrected course with a little help.

Later, when Brook went to lay on her chair after supper, she went to the usual spot but encountered the couch and Bill. Being the determined little thing that she is, she climbed up anyway and made herself comfortable. 

Typical Bill, he just lay there.  After a few minutes (and a few pictures) I removed Brook to the chair. Not acceptable in her opinion. She went back to the couch. It took a few times of being moved for her to accept the fact that the chair moved.

There will be more moving of furniture in a couple of weeks as we move into the house.  It'll be easier though since nobody will know where anything is!


  1. Bet they'll find their favourite furniture in no time.

  2. Oh, boy - didn't know you were moving; good luck with that, lol! Brook is too funny :)

  3. We agree they will find there way around in no time as they are bright as a button. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I love the way you tell stories. Also when I saw the first picture I thought, Bill could be glad it wasn't Molly on top!

  5. Great story. Most of us have no idea how blind and deaf dogs manage but you really bring it to life, and show us just how capable they are!

  6. Interesting! I imagine Norman would always find a way to the couch if he was blind.