Monday, October 27, 2014

Trail's legs

Prior to adopting Trail, during the many e-mails and long distance phone calls, it was mentioned  early on in the process that his back legs seemed a bit stiff.  This did not hamper his walking or running but he would have an obvious stiff-legged walk and sometimes a slight limp.  Well, of course that was not a reason to not adopt him.  

Recently, the decision was made to x-ray Trail's rear legs just to see what, if anything, was going on there and to also have a starting point in case his legs got worse over the years. (He is not yet two years old)

Last Monday morning, after not having any breakfast (horrors!) Trail was off the vet. He was a bit cranky (and really, I would be too if I didn't get breakfast).

What did the x-rays reveal? What strange abnormalities were discovered?

Not a thing. 

When I went to the clinic to check and see how Trail was recovering, our veterinarian said, "I've got nothing to tell you. His x-rays are very boring and sometimes boring is good."

So, why does Trail often walk with hyper-extended back legs? We don't really know.  His legs were thoroughly checked and his knees feel fine, all ligaments are tight and the bone structures good.  It is just the way he is.


  1. Great news that they could not find anything. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Were any x-rays done of his hips or back?

    Did he get breakfast back at home? Isn't it funny how our dogs can get out of sorts over missing breakfast. I wonder if they think we've gone completely crazy to have "forgotten" the most important meal of the day...

  3. Great to hear that Trail's legs are just fine. I hope he got breakfast shortly after returning home.

  4. Roxy has many roxyisms. Her legs and feet are wonky. And it is just the way she is. Glad Trail doesn't have any problems.

  5. No news is good news? Just for fun, here is a hilarious video of the adorable Jaime Dornan talking about his own funny walk:

    1. Was re-reading some old posts to refresh my memory, and wanted to thank you for this link! Didn't realise how adorable he is before, you are right! Just shows it's perfectly fine if Jamie Dornan AND Trail walk how they do...

  6. How interesting - I guess there could be many other possible things that could cause walking issues, but really if it doesn't bother him and doesn't cause any problems then it may not be an issue at all. Fingers crossed that is the case!