Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

We had Tomatofest!

Since fall has arrived and there have been a few nights of light frost warnings, it was time to bring in the last of the tomatoes and pull up the plants.  It was interesting to watch the pack and their reaction once the fence was moved. Even blind Brook knew almost immediately that there was access to the garden and food. 

We had a good crop of cherry tomatoes and as you can see, there were still some ripe ones that were falling off the plants. Perfect snacks for the dogs. 

Bill likes tomatoes but doesn't seem to like the cherry tomatoes when they burst as he bites them. So, he prefers to have some human intervention - if the cherry tomato is slightly squashed before he eats it, he enjoys them better. Trail watched this interaction and decided that he too needed his "served" this way. Brook and Molly just gobbled as many as they could.

After all the plants were removed and the tomatoes eaten, Brook settled in for a rest with a full tummy.


  1. What a SCORE! We've never tried the tomatoes here. We'll have to try some. Looks like everyone there likes them.

  2. Oh that's so sweet! I have never met a dog who liked tomatoes, but Dahlia got one the other day when Florian cleaned out the fridge and she ate it right up! I love dogs with diverse tastes in food :)

  3. Yum! I love cherry tomatoes! Interesting that all dogs have specific preferences:)

  4. Looks fun! Our neighbor gave us cherry tomatoes, I'll have to see if the dogs want to try some. :)