Saturday, October 18, 2014

Outside nap

It is interesting to watch how different members of the pack prefer their bedding.  Both of the blind dogs, Hiker and Brook are "nesters". The more bedding and the fluffier it is, the better. Trail and Molly both have a tendency to chew loose bedding so Molly had a piece of carpet and Trail has an old felted wool blanket. Callie likes her crate to have six to eight inches of loose straw and Bill likes to lay on the bed, on the pillows.

On a recent warm and sunny day, Brook decided to nap outside. Since there was no bedding outside, she took matters into her own paws and went to work. The hard ground needed to be fluffed up to make it more comfortable for her nap in the sunshine. It was quite the process.

First, a spot was selected.

Then the area had to rearranged and the dirt loosened.

A test of the comfort was next.

Deemed acceptable, time to settle in.

Sunshine, a few friends and a comfortable outside spot for a nap.

(and a deaf dog who likes to be the center of attention!)


  1. Aren't they sweet?? Makes me feel like taking a nap in the sun :)

  2. What a sweet contented bunch of dudes. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That is so cute....making a nest. AND we love the last photo. Enjoy that sunshine while you can.

  4. Oh, how cute! Kaya & Norman would love all that grass, sunshine and dog company:)

  5. It's so sweet how they like to nap all together in the sunshine. What a wonderful pack.

  6. Soooo sweet. Tashi used to love to excavate a trench for her butt to lay in, while the front part of her rested on the higher ground. Absolutely idiotic but adorable. Miss those ACDs, love coming and seeing yours!

  7. Aww, way too cute. Your pack looks happy as can be to be snoozing in the sun!