Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Callie's leg

Callie has been having some issues with her left rear leg for a while.  During her recent annual check-up she was declared in good health except for her knee which has some fluid on it. Our veterinarian said it is likely a cruciate tear. Callie had the same type of problem on the other leg a couple of years ago just before we made our big move east.  

After talking it over with our vet, we've decided to try Callie on a daily dose of Metacam and see how she responds. Happily, she is responding very well and is no longer limping.  Due to her personality, Callie is not a good candidate for surgery. Well, actually, it is more that she is not a good candidate for the requirements of the recovery.  The physical therapy that would need to be done to her leg would not be tolerated since Callie is not one who enjoys being touched very much.  A simple pat or a brief belly rub and that is about all she wants.

So, she will likely remain on the Metacam long term and be able to resume her playing and wandering in the wilderness. Not to worry, the playing is low key...after all Callie is getting older. She is somewhere between nine and ten years old but shows almost no signs of slowing down.


  1. We'll keep our paws crossed that the medicine continues to work. Sounds like surgery would be a hard slog for everyone!

  2. Howdy mates. We too hope Callie keeps well on the meds. I, Rory, have a dodgy wonky leg but still love life. Special slobbers to you Callie. No worries and slobbery love Rory and Stella

  3. Hope the metacam continues to help! Avoiding surgery definitely sounds like the best plan for her!