Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Spring is here!

Finally, at last, it seems as though spring has arrived here on the island.  How do we know for sure other than the warmer temperatures?  This is how we know that it is spring.

Then along came blind and mostly deaf Brook.  She tried to lay on the top step also but since there was no room, decided to get try a step down.

Our warm weather outdoorsy girl, blind Hiker is the happiest of the pack, having discovered this slab of cement at one of the doors. Since it receives full sun all afternoon, it gets warm and is a great place to relax.

The past few days after supper, out she goes and she will lay there until bedtime.  Spring is finally here!


  1. Relaxing in the warm sun. Yep, sounds like Spring has arrived for sure!

  2. Looks like the dogs are really enjoying the nice weather there. We seem to have jumped from winter into summer. It will be in the 80's here this week. How is Trail doing?

  3. Oh, such sweet pics. They look so warm and content! Makes me want to curl up and have a nap! (It's been cloudy here. Hoping we'll get some rain! We need it so bad here in So Cal!)

  4. They make useful little weather stations don't they? Dahlia acts as a similar barometer; I know it's nice out when she's sprawled on the porch all day. I have been covering her with sunblock though to protect all that pink deaf pittie skin! Looks like all of your crew is darker complected and should be fine though. Precious pictures of them in repose.