Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Tomatoes!

When I planted our vegetable garden this spring, I had a couple of "extra" tomato plants so I planted them with the flowers by the back steps.  Our deaf boy Trail checked them out the other day and after nosing around the plants and very pointedly looking at me and then back to the plants, I picked one for him.  He did what Bill does. Spit it out. Although they love tomatoes, they won't bite into the cherry tomatoes. So, I broke it open for him.  

Once the smell of fresh tomato was in the air, along came blind and mostly deaf Brook.  She has no problem helping herself to tomatoes.  First, she carefully checks the plants.

"Smells ripe."

Then, after selecting the tomato, she leans in for the pick.

Bill watched this entire process then came over to hopefully have some tomato.

The ripe ones were all gone.

Just another couple of days Bill and there will be more.  Meanwhile, there was another pretty sunset beside the barn.


  1. Self service tomatoes....that's a good idea.

  2. Snacks by the door, sounds perfect to us!

  3. This is interesting - do they know how to only select the ripe ones (by scent?)? Or do they try the green ones, and then reject them?

    1. I've watched them and they tend to only pick the ones that come off the vine easily, therefore only the ripe ones. Smart dogs!

    2. I've wondered the same thing, seeing your pack eat tomatoes off the vine! I'd be worried they'd eat an unripe one, or worse, part of the plant!

      Also, poor old Bill! I hope he gets some ripe ones soon!