Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to receive a bag of corn on the cob. A big bag.  Five dozen cobs for free!  
My main intention was to dry it on the cob for the hens and the rooster to have as a treat over the winter months.  Typical Trail, he had to be a part of the husking process.  

All the other dogs were content to lay on the couch or a dog bed and occasionally glance over to monitor the process. Not Trail, he has to be a part of everything.

I was tempted to give him a cob just to see what he would do with it but I knew that there would be four others wanting one too and that would make a big mess. Besides, I didn't want them eating the cob.

There are over three dozen cobs hanging upstairs in a spare room drying out for the hens. I've never done this before but so far it seems to be working well.

Not to worry, there were a few kernels that made into the food dishes that night.  There are also a couple of bags of kernels in the freezer too.  

Later, there were carrots...


  1. YUM! Corn on the cob. We got those ONCE...SHE watched us carefully to be sure we didn't eat the cob. But that corn sure was good!

  2. Mmm, corn. And that photo of Brook is priceless!

  3. Those pics are SO sweet. (Rita would turn her nose up at both the corn and the carrots. Unless there was butter on the corn. She is SO not a vegetable girl!)

  4. That is so sweet. The chickens will be thrilled! Love how Trail was so intrigued.