Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Critter Watch - Summer Edition

You may recall last winter when we had a critter watch going on.

Bill, Molly and Hiker and pigeons

We've recently had a summer edition, featuring Hiker.

Yes, you're right, Hiker is blind and not really watching anything but she sure knows that there is something over there outside the barn in that enclosure.  She can hear them. There is landscape fabric around the enclosure that has been gradually pulled back to get the dogs used to seeing the critters.

This is what Hiker is hearing -

Kramer, Priscilla and Priscilla

The rooster was named when we adopted him, all three brown hens are named Priscilla because they look identical and there is a fourth hen, a smallish white one named Belle. 

Not only is it fun to watch them, we get these -

With three to four eggs being laid a day, there are enough to sell once in a while for $3.00 a dozen. I was surprised that once word got around, people were asking me for eggs. We need some more hens!


  1. We seem to be supplied by eggs from friends. In Oz the eggs always are brown. At first we thought you'd already had a big snow. Glad it was an old photo. Love the dogs zero-ing on the action even if they can't see it.

  2. Nothing is better than fresh eggs. I think mine would be as alert as yours.

  3. $3/dozen for farm fresh eggs is a real bargain! Around here it's closer to $5-$6.
    Blueberry uses her nose for "seeing" too - I sometimes tell her she'd make an excellent blind dog. Her nose often tells her when there is something lurking in the scrub long before she sees it.

  4. Laughing at your 3 Priscilla's!

  5. Love Hiker "watching" the critters! Wish I lived close enough to come buy some eggs from PriscellaX3 and Belle!