Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

Our small flock of hens continue to lay eggs every day and now that we have a total of ten hens we gather eight to ten eggs each day.  Even with that, there are not enough eggs to supply all the people that want to buy them.  Perhaps there might be enough if our customers were the priority but of course, they aren't.

Two hard cooked eggs shared among five dogs doesn't give them much but they sure do appreciate the occasional something special in their dinner. 

The paying customers will have to wait another day for their dozen eggs.


  1. You have your priorities straight!! (The hubs and I were just wishing we had room for some hens... Or a neighbor we could buy eggs from!)

  2. Yep, dogs come first. In fact, we think they should each have an egg.

  3. Priorities. Yup, you got them in order. ;)

  4. I love giving the pups scrambled eggs mixed in with their kibble. It is a nice, tasty, relatively humane alternative to dog food and they enjoy it--especially when I add in some cheese. All the better coming from your own hens!