Tuesday, November 08, 2016

On The Move!

It started with a an official Keep Out barrier.

unhappy Trail

Then, for about a week, there were days when there were no dogs allowed in certain areas of the house.  Then there was chaos.

There were boxes and piles of household items. Made it a bit of a challenge for the blind dogs to navigate. But not for Trail. He managed to find a small sun spot in the midst of the chaos (with a couple of cats if you look closely).

Yup, we were moving again.


  1. Enjoy your new home. We hope all the dogs settle in quickly!

  2. Uhg - I sympathize, having just moved myself. My blind and deaf setter adjusted pretty quickly. Hope it goes well :)

  3. Oh! Moving again! I hope it goes well - I think Trail (and the cats) have the right idea :)

  4. Hope it is a good move and everyone settles well. What a pain, huh?