Monday, November 21, 2016

Stair Barriers

A challenge with our new (to us) house is that the layout is different and therefore the access to certain areas has to be blocked until we decide who is going to be where. Currently the three barn cats are in a bedroom upstairs until their outside accommodations are ready (we've got a school bus for them and the chickens). The barn cats are a bit upset and don't need the dogs snuffling along the bottom of the door.

For now, there is a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and a couple of boxes to hold it in place so that none of the dogs can get upstairs.  That is the theory of it. In reality, well...along comes a very determined blind and mostly deaf Australian Cattle Dog named Brook.

Brook sat with her chin resting on the box and whined. A little coaxing and she gave up. But not for long.

About a half hour later, she was whining again and this is what she had done.

I think that the majority of the whining was due to the fact that she couldn't get down.  She reached out with her paw and there was no solid surface so she continued to whine.  Not to worry, after a picture, she was scooped up and gently deposited on the floor.

Once again, proof that a blind and mostly deaf dog is just really a "normal" dog who does things that any dog would do.


  1. One of our collies is also a climber, and we have to keep an eye on her 24/7. She has a knack for getting herself into trouble.

  2. Oh she'll be over there soon... well I hope not, for your sake haha! Ava's nicknamed 'ninja puppy', but she's left alone for long periods so it's only logical that with enough time that puppy brain can work out how to get in and out of anything.