Thursday, December 01, 2016

First Winter Storm 2016

We had the first nor'easter storm of the season with heavy wet snow, high winds and lots of power outages.  

Of course, the dogs loved it!

Brook and Trail


You may be wondering where the others are.  Hiker and Bill are in the house. Neither of them are big fans of the cold and refused to go outside.  Not that it is much warmer inside since we have been without power and therefore no heat since Sunday afternoon.  At the time I am posting this, it was only 0C/32F in the house. 


Yes, it does look pretty. But it would look a whole prettier if we were seeing it from a heated house!


  1. Hope you get heat soon! We haven't had snow yet, and I would be thrilled if it didn't make an appearance for awhile.

  2. So sorry about the heat. That is one cold house. Hope you are all keeping warm.

    Dogs look like they are having a good time!

    Hope the moving in is going well.

  3. Oh Blimey mates. We hope your power is on soon. 0C sounds too cold for inside. Take care. Wish we could send you some of our summer weather!
    No worries, and love, Stella x

  4. Freezing INSIDE? Looks like the outdoor pups are having a FANTASTIC time. We hope your power comes on very soon!